Golyam Izvor

The Teteven part of the Balkan Mountains has its own identity. Here, nature acts on our senses with tangible and proved majic. Thanks to it, in this area you can feel a visitor only for a short while. The untamed panoramas, the fragrance of herbs, the vivid songs of numerous forest inhabitants, the majestic forests and the invariable hospitality of the locals in an imperceptible way will change You from a visitor to an resident.

You would like to discover this part of Bulgaria? I sincerely will recommend you Goliam Izvor Village. It is easily accessible and is on a key crossroad of visitor trails. Even before entering Golyam Izvor, you will be overwhelmed by the amazement, which Bulgaria’s Classic Ivan Vazov would express saying “… I’ve crossed Bulgaria, but I’ve never set my eyes on a more fascinating place”. The Teteven part of Stara Planina Mountain is considered the most splendid landscape in the entire Balkans.

Add to your impressions one more discovery – the warmheartedness, the proverbial hospitality and goodwill of the locals, their customs and rituals.